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Therapy Center in Miami-dade

Our goal is to provide a safe, enjoyable, and supportive atmosphere that fosters meaningful learning experiences for children. This is achieved through delivering top-notch, evidence-based interventions that help each child reach their developmental milestones.

We aim to assist parents in fulfilling their role in promoting and enhancing their children’s growth

unique learning environment

we are dedicated to delivering high-quality speech therapy services to children. Our team of experienced speech therapists follows these essential steps to ensure that each child receives the best possible care and makes the most progress possible

Comprehensive Assessment

Tailored Goals and Objectives

Engaging Activities

Parental Involvement


What Do We Do For Your Child 🤩


We work to empower your Child.

Speech therapy is a highly individualized and dynamic process, and the best approach for a particular child will depend on many factors, including their age, developmental level, communication strengths and weaknesses, and individual personality. Some children may respond best to play-based therapy, while others may need a more structured, goal-oriented approach.

Give your child the gift of confident communication with our top-notch speech therapy services.

Happy Customers

Xander Ortiz
Great therapists and very friendly and professional team!
Daniela Carralero Somoza
Heard great stuff from this institution, I cannot wait to try it out. I have some friends who only have amazing things to say about the amount of work, enthusiasm and passion therapist put to the kids.
The Casanovas
I strongly recommend this therapy place. I always feel amazing in there and every kid that I see always look very happy. The staff are all nice and willing to help in everything they can. The therapists are very professionals. I just love it there!!
Yordanis Perez
Absolutely love this place. I strongly recommend it. The therapists are outstanding.
Gerardo Alfaro
I highly recommend My Big World to any parent needing therapy for their kids. Their kindness and professionalism show in every visit!
juan antonio casanova
I absolutely love this place. It has an amazing vibe, the staff is really nice, the therapists are outstanding, very professionals and well prepared. Grateful for everything they do.
Elida Ramos
Encantada con el trato que le dan a los niños en este lugar, todos son muy profesionales y carismáticos brindando una excelente atención!!!!
Anette Alvarez Casanova
Great place, the staff is amazing, they are caring, professionals and very attentive.
This place is awesome!!! My sons therapist for speech (Mila) and OT (Ernest) are Wonderful!!.. you can tell they love what they do and it isn’t just a job for them. My son has improved soo much!!! Everyone is nice and know your child’s name. My son is happy to be coming here and as a parent that is very comforting! You can watch there sessions from the door as well. Marlene -she’s front desk also response to calls and always makes convo with the kids and knows them by their names. That’s when you know they care for what they do.. I would recommend this place to anyone!!!

Kendall - Miami. Fl

8785 SW 165th Ave SUITE 101,
Miami, FL 33193
Phone: +1 (305) 388-0004​

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